Milling, Cold Planing, or Profiling. If it involves grinding and hard surfaces, SMC can do it for you.


When Paving Prep and Full Clean Up is in your scope, SMC does your dirty work.


You need it gathered up and hauled away? SMC has the sweeper to get it done.

Surface Management’s “Total Package” gets you ready to pave faster, cheaper and frees-up your resources so you can concentrate on the “high dollar, high risk” parts of your contract.

Most Milling Contractors perform milling services only. SMC is unique in that we typically perform the Milling/Demo components of your repave, as well as, successive Paving Prep and additional Clean Up. When we coordinate milling and paving prep, you get Management assistance, simplified logistics and increased production.

Our customers are the best in the industry.

Surface Management works with every major road contractor practicing in our region.

Our clients appreciate that we have the operational resources to mobilize, for just a few hours, to help with their corrections. They also are confident that we have the financial strength to hang with them for several months on municipal projects.

As testament to our success as a subcontractor, we have maintained close partnerships with our five largest clients for over a decade. These partners continue to call on us first when scheduling their jobs.

Find out how we can help on your next project.

Call us. We will take a look at any opportunity and are happy to give advice if we can’t you out directly. We can quote from our published rate sheets listing committed, consistent pricing by each service we provide, on an hourly or daily basis, or, we are always available to discuss your specific scope and consider your bid goals.

Recent Updates

Spring Newsletter 2017

That’s When Everybody Goes to the 6th annual Family Fun and Fish’n Tournament Join us for some fish’n, eat’n and play’n at our place. Cast for Cool Prizes… Catch the biggest Bass, Catfish, or Brim. As always – Swamp Buggy Rides! We got poles or bring your own gear.

Fall Newsletter 2016

NO! WAIT! It was a 12 lb. Dog!? Technically, Jeff Sr.’s new puppy “Silas” bagged himself by chomping Karen’s bait as her pole lay on the dock. However, the Judges still awarded Karen, 1st place in the “Ugliest Fish” category.

Spring Newsletter 2016

A bunch of the SMC folks recently attended one the world’s largest mug bog events. Jeff Swat Jr. debuted his “Sour Diesel“ swamp buggy and made a grand mess with his “Swat Fab” mud truck. It was a long weekend filled with fun and covered with dust & mud.

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